Essential Oils: Ancient Medicine

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In an age where it feels as though things change at an alarming pace (it's spring already?!) it's nice to know that some things stay the same. Like using plant extracts for physical and emotional wellbeing. The Ancient Egyptians were famous for their belief in the stuff, using plant extracts to treat ailments, clean themselves, in their spiritual life (they used extracts to embalm corpses) and for mental clarity. In fact, Ancient Egyptians are famous for their holistic beliefs, which really centered around being clean and smelling nice . They believed that from there, everything else flowed - a clean body equalled a clean, pure mind. This was as early as 4500BC, by the way! Although our essential oils have come a long way since then, we use aromatherapy in much the same way as they did. 

We have discovered even more uses and benefits of using essential oils than the Egyptians did, both aesthetically and for mental and physical wellbeing. Suffer from dandruff? Try a few drops of Cape Malva, Patchouli or Rosemary essential oil in your shampoo. The next time you go camping, take along some Lemongrass and Cedarwood essential oils - they make a great natural insect repellent! While you're at it, pack in some Lavender - its great for soothing sunburn. We've created an informative table, attached to this article for easy printing, where you can discover how to cure minor conditions with the help of these miracle oils. 

Just remember that not all essential oils can be used neat because many may burn your skin if directly applied. Don't worry, there are plenty of other ways to use them: 

  • Massage: Dilute with a carrier oil and rub into to the skin 

  • Oil Burner: Place a few drops, along with water or a carrier oil, into the burner

  • Place a few drops in your bath

  • For oils with sedative properties, place a few drops on your pillow 

  • Add a few drops to your moisturizer or an aqueous cream 

  • Steam inhalation: Place a few drops into a sink of boiling water, cover your head with a towel and inhale the steam. 

Click here to download a PDF showing many of the ways we use essential oils at Kimberly House.

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