baby quilts

Baby quilts are a wonderful way to add color and a sense of tradition to your baby’s nursery. However, we agree with most pediatricians who recommend that you not use them as sleep covers in your baby’s crib. So how do you combine your traditional tastes with the latest recommendations to keep your baby safe in his crib? The answer is quite simple – Have your baby sleep in a cozy Gordonsbury sleep sack and use our beautiful baby quilt as a great covering for floor play or to spread in the backyard on a warm day. Tucked under baby’s arms, it will keep him warm in his stroller. And it’s large enough to keep the two of you cozy while sitting in a chair or on the couch. As your baby grows, a Gordonsbury quilt makes a great blanket for your toddler’s bed. The playful designs and quality construction are easily transformed into a colorful and inviting wall hanging that will draw your baby’s attention and make both of you smile.

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