savannah burner oil

The fragrance for this burner oil comes from our love affair with the African savannah landscape. This is where large herds of African animals roam. It’s signature perfume is formed from a complex blend of over 100 raw ingredients that create a compelling and fascinating aroma reminiscent of the wild African grasslands. 

Pour a small amount into the top reservoir any oil burner. Light the tea candle below or flip the switch of your electric burner. Fill the room with this intoxicating fragrance. Intense — highly effective odor eliminator.

100ml/3.5 fl oz

If you are using a tea candle burner, be sure to extinguish the candle when oil is finished or top-up the reservoir with new oil before it evaporates completely.

CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not swallow. Can be a skin irritant.

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