No matter what your age, you have a natural beauty that is uniquely yours. BaoCare’s Radiance just helps it to shine through. This rich, luxurious blend of exceptional oils smooths, softens and plumps up your skin giving it a satiny finish and a naturally radiant glow. 


We Made Radiance especially for you…

…because we know that the beauty, suppleness and youthfulness of your skin is really important to you, and you only want to use 100% natural, pure ingredients on your skin.

We have researched and sourced the best top quality botanical ingredients and we hand-blend every batch individually. Radiance is made up of Baobab oil which deeply moisturises and hydrates but also absorbs rapidly without leaving any oily residue. Jojoba oil supports youthful elasticity and softness and Pomegranate protects against damage from UV light promoting collagen production which helps to keep your skin dewy and supple.

We then add in Vitamin E and Rosewood and Lavender essential oils, including extracts from natural essential oils Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool and Benzyl Benzoate. Together, these ingredients work in synergy, contributing their skin-enhancing properties as well as creating a warm yet light and delicate feminine fragrance.

Baobab oil makes up 90% of the blend as we believe the true value of the product lies with this beautiful ingredient.

Our BaoCare Promise means you can be sure there are no artificial ingredients, additives, colourants or fragrances in any of our products. Read more about the BaoCare Promise.


How To Use Radiance Oil

Apply several spritzes into your hand, then smooth over face, neck and decolletage in the morning after cleansing and before applying makeup. Apply in the evening after cleansing before going to bed.

Radiance is also gentle enough to use around the delicate eye area.

Why I love Radiance

I put my BaoCare Radiance oil on my face every morning. I think my life would fall apart if it did not exist! Radiance is so beautiful, so wonderful, so special and has helped so many people, there is beauty and wonder in that alone!
  —Kathy | Louis Trichardt, South Africa

Just wanted to say that I am loving using your Radiance oil. It makes my skin so soft and seems to be dissolving my wrinkles:)
  —Sue | Cape Town, South Africa

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