We’ve brought our 5 unique multi-tasking remedies together into one convenient Skin Rescue Kit! Each remedy can help with the skin conditions you or your family may be struggling with such as dry skin, eczema, teenage skin, adult acne, scarring, stretch marks and aging skin.

Making an ideal starter pack or gift, the remedies come in handy, easy-to-use 10ml bottles. The pack fits easily into any bag, perfect for travelling or when you’re on-the-go. It’s every mom’s first aid kit for family skin problems.

We made the Skin Rescue Kit especially for you…

…because we know you’ve got a full, active life full of things to do and places to be! Having the Skin Rescue Kit in your bathroom or handbag means that when skin problems suddenly come up – that itchy mozzie bite, the pimple that suddenly came up out of nowhere, sunburn, the cut that’s struggling to heal, that irritating, red, scaly patch, those dry, rough elbows and heels, the eczema flare-up – you’re ready for all of it, no matter what.

…because moms like you needs gifts like this! The Skin Rescue Kit is a great gift to give to a mom-to-be or a friend looking for an all-in-one solution for family skin problems.

…because it’s neat and compact and will fit inside your bag or suitcase when you’re travelling, camping or on a road trip.

Our BaoCare Promise means you can be sure there are no artificial ingredients, additives, colourants or fragrances in any of our products. Read more about the BaoCare Promise here.

How To Use Skin Rescue Kit

There’s a quick-reference guide inside the kit that will tell you exactly which remedy to use for what.

Each BaoCare product is uniquely formulated with a blend of baobab oil and other skin-enhancing natural ingredients, which have been carefully selected to address each skin condition.

BAOCARE BAOBAB OIL is your go-to multi-tasking remedy for the skin, nourishing dry, flaky skin, soothing sunburn, calming blemishes and skin irritations of all kinds. It hydrates and softens your skin all over, is fragrance-free and safe for the whole family, during pregnancy and even for babies.

BAOCARE ECZEMA SKINCARE soothes dry, red, itchy and inflamed skin. Baobab’s natural anti-inflammatory properties have been boosted with Calendula and Schizandra, both excellent for stressed, sensitive and hyper-reactive skin, calming the inflammation associated with eczema or dry psoriasis.

BAOCARE RADIANCE softens wrinkles and fine lines, de-aging your skin so you can be naturally radiant regardless of your age. This rich, luxurious, skin-enhancing blend combines Baobab, Jojoba and Pomegranate extract which smooths and plumps up your skin giving it a satiny finish and naturally radiant glow.

BAOCARE ACNE SKINCARE is a gentle, yet effective remedy for teenage skin and adult acne. Care for your skin flare-ups using only 100% natural, pure ingredients. Carefully blended Baobab Oil, Tea Tree, Calendula and Evening Primrose calms and soothes your skin, reducing redness, swelling, bumps and spots.

BAOCARE TISSUE OIL is a skin balm that feeds your skin when it’s dry and thirsting for extra attention and care. Formulated to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scarring, this blend of Baobab and Vitamin E is the perfect partner for dry skin.

Why I love Skin Rescue Kit

I was with a friend and her little 3 year old boy when he fell and grazed his knee. Much drama! But I happened to have the BaoCare Skin Rescue Kit in my bag and we were able to calm him down by choosing the best remedy (we chose plain baobab oil) and then soothe his scratches with the healing oil. The next day she reported that all was well!
  —Nina | Cape Town, South Africa

The best of all worlds! My favourite new product. Now I get to take all my Baocare oils with me when I travel in the perfect size kit. I can’t live without my daily dose of baobab oil - I tell everyone I know to use it.
  —Kathryn Straughan | Soutpansberg, South Africa

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