Bamboo Bowl White Mini
Bamboo Bowl White Mini
Bamboo Bowl White Mini

bamboo bowl white mini

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These eco-friendly bamboo bowls are beautiful in their simplicity and sophistication — beautifully simple & simply beautiful

But, that's only half the story. They are not only charming but functional as well. They work great as breakfast bowls, for dips, rice, desert or just a little bowl to become a catch all for everyday items around the house. They can hold liquid or solid foods, including hot (up to 160°F/70°C) or cold foods.

Each bowl is handmade from bamboo and finished on the outside with lacquer. Designed in France and made in Vietnam, please allow for slight variations in shape and color. That's part of their charm.

Why do we like bamboo — it grows fast, no fertilizer needed; it stabilizes the soil; and it produces 30% more CO2 than a comparably sized tree. Bamboo absorbs greenhouse gases and produces clean, fresh oxygen. It may be the ultimate sustainable material.

Fair Trade and Sustainable

Size: 4" wide and 2" deep

Color: bamboo interior - white exterior

Care instructions:  wash with soapy hot water — no dishwasher or microwave

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