Bamboo Straws
sustainable, eco-friendly and fair trade bamboo straws
sustainable, eco-friendly and fair trade bamboo straws

bamboo straws

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Here’s a practical way to contribute to fewer plastics in the environment. Use eco-friendly bamboo straws! Our sustainable bamboo straws are 100% natural, bio degradable and food safe. The can be used for hot (160°F/70°C) or cold liquids.

Designed in France and made in Vietnam, please allow for slight variations in shape and color.

Why do we like bamboo — it grows fast, no fertilizer needed; it stabilizes the soil; and it produces 30% more CO2 than a comparably sized tree. Bamboo absorbs greenhouse gases and produces clean, fresh oxygen. It may be the ultimate sustainable material.

Fair Trade and Sustainable

Size: 8” long

Color: natural

Care instructions:  Wash with soapy hot water — no dishwasher or microwave. Each set of straws comes with a small brush to help with the cleaning.

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