ceramic bowl
ceramic bowl
ceramic bowl

ceramic bowl - green

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Kapula's unique ceramics are all handmade in Bredasdorp, a small town situated in the heart of South Africa's beautiful Overberg region.  More than 90% of their employees are women, half of which have been part of their team for more than 10 years.

Their raw materials are all meticulously sourced to ensure that every product is of the utmost quality. Each and every product is crafted by hand from beginning to end.

From mixing and pouring the slip-clay to bisque-firing and the final glaze-firing, all of their ceramic ranges are handmade in-house. They use high quality stoneware clay to ensure that each item is dishwasher and microwave safe.

This small bowl is finished off with a light green glaze and are multi functional.  Great as a desert bowl, bath salts, cereal bowl, hold nuts, olives or chips, jewelry, small side salad.


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