mungo tawulo bath towel thunder grey

$ 53.00

Mungo's latest offering in their flat weave towel range. The muted tones of the Tawulo blends beautifully into any interior while adding texture and tone. They are both functional and beautiful.

The story behind the Tawulo comes from way back when the weavers in West Africa used natural dyes with a limited colour pallet. Once they saw European dyed fabric with brighter colours they would trade to get this cloth, which they would then unravelled to get the yarn. The yarn was then rewoven into  their  own fabrics, often mixing different colours together which created a textured and uneven color pallet.
Mungo have integrated this technique in the tawulo towel range.

Each towel is hemmed and please note each towel will come out slightly differently due to the random rolling of the weft yarn in the weaving process.

Color:      thunder grey

Fabric:     100% cotton

Size:         38" x 62" / 97cm x 158cm

Care:        machine washable (40'), tumble dry low heat, do not bleach 

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