mungo belgian waffle hand towel - french navy

The Belgian Waffle is the ‘thickest’ towel in our range. With soft and absorbent characteristics, the classic waffle weave construction and bold texture allow more surface area for drying.

We think the Belgian Waffle towel is a perfect transition for the folk who have not yet tried our flat weave towels. We’re pretty sure you will be converted after this. A new flat weave towel revolutionary to join our ranks, witty posters, and slogans welcome.

An enduring classic, the famous waffle weave has been associated with toweling long before the terry towel was invented. The three dimensional, pocket-like structure of the weave creates more surface area for drying your skin, yet it is still light enough for quick drying on the rail.

Woven from long staple, super absorbent cotton, these towels are wrap around you warm and cuddly. 


  • Designed Woven & Made in South Africa
  • 100% Cotton
  • Hemmed finish
  • Machine wash warm
  • Do not bleach

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