mungo itawuli bath towel - wild sage

This unique towel is inspired by the African landscape and heritage. With its intricate patterns, bold and warm colors, the Itawuli is a definite keepsake.

Itawuli translates to towel in Xhosa. The Itawuli has become one of the most iconic towels in our range, loved for its bold design and versatility. We’ve seen them used as picnic blankets, a summer throw, yoga mat cover, tablecloth, they’ve even been turned into clothing.

The striped detail that runs through the middle of the Itawuli makes reference to traditional woolen Basotho Blankets. These blankets were initially woven in England. As the story goes, the 1cm ‘pinstripe’ was woven in to indicate where the fabric was to be cut. But a batch with stripes intact made its way to South Africa. The supposed flaw became popular and was incorporated and uplifted in the local design. Read more about the iTawuli on our blog here.

The Itawuli is woven from 100% pure cotton grown in Swaziland. The flatweave design of our towels allows them to fold up tight, ensuring they use less space and water when washing and that they travel well.

You can take your towel wherever you go, towels are the perfect travel companion. A practical addition to any trip, you can wrap it around you for warmth, lie on it on a sandy beach, sleep under it and gaze up at the stars, wet it for use in hand-to-hand combat; wrap it round your head to avoid the paparazzi, and after all that, if it’s still clean enough, you can dry yourself.

Designed Woven & Made in South Africa
100% Cotton
Hemmed finish
41" x 72" / 105cm x 185cm
Machine wash warm
Warm iron
Do not bleach

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