handwoven natural silk table runner - cream

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A minimalist design complements the luxurious texture & fine elegance of these silk table runners. Low impact in every sense, this product may be down-to-earth, but for your home it's pure indulgence.

These beautifully luxurious silk table runners are handmade in a cruelty-free process. Silk worms are not harmed in the production of silk. Unlike conventional silk-making in which cocoon extraction involves killing silkworms, the vacated cocoons are obtained after a patient wait for the silkworms to metamorphose into moths. No pesticide, chemicals, or modern machines were used during any of the production process. Silk threads are hand spun, then handwoven to create these exclusive pieces.

Cocoon cultivators, dyers, weavers, spinners and tailors are all part of the community of rural artisans who benefit from the creation of these elegant table runners.

  • 100% organic silk
  • Cruelty-free
  • Hand spun and Handwoven on bamboo looms
  • Crafted by indigenous women weavers from Northeast India
  • Dyed with lac, a resinous gum collected from a bark of a tree 
  • Dry clean recommended
  • Can also be used for buffets or kitchen islands?