recycled paper  - carry on travel bag

recycled cement paper travel bag - black

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This bag is a real show-stopper! How is it made? Made from a combination of cement paper that has been fused to heavy-duty canvas to create form and strength in the material. The outside has been sprayed with Nano-liquid glass to make it water resistant.

A bag’s got to be practical when you’re using it for travel. The inside is lined with black medium weight cotton. Two large open pockets mean the contents of the bag will always be organized. There is also a 10 in (25 cm) waterproof zip pocket. Let’s just say that, if your shampoo leaks, your clothes aren’t going to know about it. 
The base of the bag is reinforced with a removable covered board base. This makes it easier to pack and organize, and keeps your clothes looking clean, smart and ironed.

The bag closes with a two-way zip so you can easily lock it and open it fully when you arrive at your destination. Press studs on either side of the zip give you the option of clipping them down to make the bag a bit smaller. All metal fittings are coated brass.

The strap is long, adjustable and, thanks to the partial fabric covering, comfortable on your shoulder. If you prefer to carry the bag with two handles, all you have to do is unclip the strap.

Size-wise, it couldn’t be more perfect for hand luggage. We even checked with the folks at the airport – it’s exactly the maximum size allowed.

  • The height is 10.6 in/27 cm
  • The length is 19.7 in/50 cm
  • And the width is 11 in/28 cm

As versatile and durable as the bag is, here a a few obvious cautions. It’s made from paper and should not be left with water on the surface for an extended period of time. It’s water resistant, not waterproof. And like any fabric or paper product, a knife or scissors will most likely cut. It is best to keep the bag away from sharp objects that could cause damage.

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