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We sell simple, handcrafted products created by skilled artisans from Southern Africa. Whether it’s soaps shaped and molded by hand in the Rain Africa factory in Swellendam or towels woven on 100-year-old looms by Mungo Mills in Plettenberg Bay, the story is the same. Handmade is time consuming. It produces unique products. Handmade means sustainable jobs for local people. Touch our products and you’ll feel the hands that made them.


For us, natural means in harmony with nature. Our products are created from organically grown cotton, wild-harvested African botanicals and other ingredients that bring us closer to the natural world. We want our products to fill your home and your senses with a feeling of genuine, earthy wellbeing. One under-appreciated benefit of natural materials for is that they tend to last and wear in rather than wear out. They fill your senses rather than overwhelm them. 


We place great value in being environmentally friendly. This begins with insisting on sustainable agriculture and wild harvesting of ingredients and materials. We use minimalist packaging and are committed to recycling and reuse wherever possible. Because our products are handcrafted by individual artisans or in small, environmentally sustainable shops and factories, they minimize pollution and impact on the environment. 

fair trade

Fair Trade is engrained in our DNA. We adhere to it’s simple principles in everything we do. The products we sell create opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers in Southern Africa. We buy at a fair price for producers and sell at a fair price for our customers. We are committed to working with vendors who do not discriminate or engage in forced or child labor and who provide good working conditions. In the end, we believe Fair Trade is simply about treating our suppliers and customers as we want to be treated.

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