Dry Skin Season is upon us...

I am sure your dry, itchy, flaky skin is telling you that it’s Winter - happy days! Now we spend more time indoors with heating fully on and having hot baths or showers - which is all part of feeling cozy. However, this all a major contribution to having dry skin.

So what is dry skin? Just that - dry, scaly and flaky skin - it feels itchy and tight, due to a lack of moisture in your skin. It’s common among all ages. Sadly, as we age our skin loses its ability to retain moisture - so, even if you didn't have dry skin when you were younger and are getting it now, that’s normal. Some of us have it only in specific places - like me, my arms and legs really take a beating, especially when wearing long sleeve sweaters and jeans all day.

Luckily, there’s lots we can do to improve dry skin at home; however if your skin is persistently dry with significant peeling or bleeding cracks, we definitely recommend seeing a dermatologist who will be able to help with a much stronger remedy for your skin.

Help is on the way!!! Here are a few little tips to do at home during winter, you will see a significant improvement:

  • Avoid long hot showers or baths. The hotter the water and longer the submersion, the more natural oils and moisture is removed from the skin. Avoid harsh heavily fragranced soaps as they tend to strip your skin. As soon as you jump out of the shower or bath, rub in lotion or body cream - this is the optimal time to seal in your natural barrier.
  • Your products should be gentle on your skin. So, only use lotions and creams with natural ingredients and botanicals - that avoids parabens and sulfates. Use products that contain a type of occlusive that will seal in the water, like shea butter or a natural oil. Using a lighter lotion during the day and heavier body butter in the evenings.
  • Environment plays a big role in causing dry skin. Unfortunately central heating, space heaters and fireplaces take a lot of moisture out of the air. Using a humidifier in a main space can make a huge difference with your breathing and your skin. The cold weather adds harshness, so make sure you cover up exposed skin as much as you can.
  • Our hands really take a beating in winter, being exposed outside and continually washing them inside. So, if possible, wear gloves outside, and when washing, use a gentle soap always followed by using lotion. I love having a hand butter next to my bed to put on at night, so my hands get a heavy dose of moisture while I sleep.
  • Lastly, drink plenty of water - a wonderful way to prevent dry skin. In winter it can be harder to drink water, so perhaps have more liquid by sipping on herbal, non-caffeinated teas during the day to keep you cozy AND hydrated...

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